Advanced Biotechnology in Procalcitonin Rapid Testing

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The Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test (Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Procalcitonin in whole blood, serum or plasma. 

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Navigate through the forefront of Biotechnology with Tongzhou Biotechnology's Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test. Our company is a global leader in the Biotechnology sector, expertly leveraging technology and science to bring you state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions. The Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test embodies our commitment to quality and efficacy. This product is designed to deliver rapid and accurate results. It has been meticulously crafted through innovative Biotechnology mechanisms that ensure precision without compromising speed. The Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test is becoming increasingly instrumental in diagnosing bacterial infections, sepsis, and systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). The value of our cutting-edge Biotechnology is significantly highlighted in the enhanced sensitivity this product provides. The early detection of PCT levels can be the difference between timely intervention and unforeseen health complications. What makes the Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test from Tongzhou Biotechnology a must-have for healthcare professionals is the inherent simplicity and usability. This product is a reflection of our commitment to make advanced Biotechnology accessible and user-friendly.

Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test

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Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test

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10 T

1 ng/mL




Procalcitonin (PCT) is a small protein that comprises 116 amino acid residues with a molecular weight of approximately 13 kDa which was first described by Moullec et al. in 1984. PCT is produced normally in C-cells of the thyroid glands. In 1993, the elevated level of PCT in patients with a system infection of bacterial origin was reported and PCT is now considered to be the main marker of disorders accompanied by systemic inflammation and sepsis. The diagnostic value of PCT is important due to the close correlation between PCT concentration and the severity of inflammation. It was shown that “inflammatory” PCT is not produced in C-cells. Cells of neuroendocrine origin are presumably the source of PCT during inflammation.

Materials provided

  • ● Test cassettes 
  • ● Package insert 
  • ● Buffer
  • ● Dropper

Being at the forefront of Biotechnology, our mission is to enhance diagnostic efficiency, reduce turnaround times, and contribute significantly to patient care. Tongzhou Biotechnology continues to lead the Biotechnology sector by providing unparalleled quality, accuracy, and convenience with our Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test, which is a product of relentless research, careful engineering, and a dedication to improving global healthcare. Choose the Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test from Tongzhou Biotechnology. Experience convenience and quality harnessed by the finest in Biotechnology. Journey with us as we continue to shape the future of Biotechnology and healthcare diagnostics.

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