Advanced Hemoglobin Analysis Meter: The Future of Quantitative Rapid Test

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Introducing our Hemoglobin Analysis Meter, a state-of-the-art analytic instrument brought to you by Tongzhou Biotechnology, a renowned name in the realm of biotechnology. Our analysis meter is revolutionizing the Quantitative Rapid Test industry with its impressive speed and accuracy. Our Hemoglobin Analysis Meter is designed with a key feature in mind: speed. Once applied, the meter provides the complete test results within 15 seconds, a clear testament to its extraordinary rapid testing capability. This quick turnaround time not only increases the efficiency of medical procedures but also ensures immediate and accurate results, thereby enhancing patient care. The Hemoglobin Analysis Meter is expertly designed to require just 10uL whole blood sample, either peripheral or venous human whole blood, making it a model of efficiency and convenience. In addition to its remarkable speed and efficiency, the Hemoglobin Analysis Meter provides advanced data syncing options. With the help of a data cable, you can seamlessly sync the acquired data with your PC, facilitating easy data management and monitoring.

Hemoglobin Analysis Meter


Rapid test

Test result in 15 seconds

Micro Specimen

Only need 10uL Whole blood(peripheral and venous human whole blood)

Long Endurance

Removable 3xAAA batteries with low power consumption

Itelligent Data

Use data cable to sync data with PC

Product specification

Methododlogy  Reflectance photometer

Measurement Range  HB:4.5-25.6 g/dl,45-256 g/L,2.8-15.9mmol/L

Specimen  Whole blood(capillary and venous)

Power Source  3xAAA batteries

Battery Endurance  Approximately 1000 tests

Units of Measurement  g/dL, g/L, mmol/L

Memory  1000 records

Automatic Shut Off  5 minutes after last use

Meter Size  136*65*25mm(L*W*H)

Weight  90g

Meter Storage Conditions  0-55℃;≤90% RH

System Operating Conditions  10-40℃;≤90% RH; height <altitude 2000m

Test strip Storage Conditions  2~30℃;≤90% RH

Warranty Period  2 years

Meter Shelf Life  5 years

Test Strip Shelf Life  2 years

Suited for a range of environments, this extraordinary device incorporates a long-lasting power solution. Utilizing removable 3xAAA batteries, it guarantees low power consumption, allowing for extended use and maximum productivity. Furthermore, the methodology employed by this device is Reflectance Photometer with a measurement range of HB:4, ensuring high precision in all readings. In conclusion, our Hemoglobin Analysis Meter is an innovative solution for all your quantitative rapid test requirements. By incorporating speed, accuracy, and efficiency, it stands as a pioneering product in the field of biotechnology. As our promise to you, the Hemoglobin Analysis Meter represents Tongzhou Biotechnology's commitment to deliver high-quality, top-performing products to our customers.

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