Blood Lipid Analysis Meter

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Blood Lipid Analysis Meter

Cat.No. LPM-102
Methodology Reflectance Photometer
Measurement Range

TC:2.59-12.93 mmol/L (100-500mg/dL,1 mmol/L=38.66mg/dL)

                            HDL:0.39-2.59 mmol/L (15-100mg/dL,1 mmo/L=38.66mg/dL)

                            TG:0.51-7.34mmol/L (45-650 mg/dL,1 mmol/L=38.66mg/dL)

Specimen Whole blood (capillary and venous), plasma and serum
Power Source 3×AAA batteries
Battery Endurance After cycle charge 300 times, electric quantity reduce 30%
Units of Measurement mmol/L, mg/dL
Memory 500 records
Automatic Shut off 5 minutes after displaying results
Meter Size 135*66*19mm(L*W*H)
Weight 90g
Meter Storage Conditions 0-55℃;≤90% RH
System Operating Conditions 10-35℃;0-90% RH; height<sea-level 2000m
Test strip Storage Conditions 2-30℃;≤90% RH
Warranty Period 2 years
Meter Shelf Life 4 years
Test Strip Shelf Life 18months

Analysis item

Total Cholesterol (TC)

High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL)

Triglycerides (TG)

Calculated item

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)

TC/HDL Ratio


Rapid test

Quick test in 120 seconds


Test 3 items in 1 Device

Micro specimen

35 uL of whole blood (Capillary and venous), plasma and serum


Can be operated at home


Get the same accuracy result with less cost


Link the printer to print results

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