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The most common cause of female infertility is ovulatory problems which generally manifest themselves by menstrual disorders.

Determination of ovarian reserve is important in the treatment of infertility. AMH is a proven marker for predicting ovarian reserve.

Women, who are 35 years or older who have had unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant for 6 months should undergo testing for ovarian reserve.

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Introducing the TZcheck AMH Rapid Test, a revolutionary product of cutting-edge science and innovative biotechnology. Crafted by the expert scientists at Tongzhou Biotechnology, this test is designed to deliver quick, accurate results with ease of use at the forefront of its design. TZcheck provides a rapid response, transforming the landscape of testing and diagnostics. It is meticulously designed, ensuring precision and reliability, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the medical field, as well as individuals who value speed without compromising accuracy. Trust in TZcheck's capabilities as it has been developed by Tongzhou Biotechnology, a leading figure in the industry. Our company is known to be at the forefront of scientific innovation, consistently delivering advanced solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Armed with advanced technology and a team of expert scientists and researchers, we have designed the TZcheck AMH Rapid Test with meticulous attention to detail.

TZcheck AMH Rapid Test

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AMH Rapid Test





Kit Size

10 T


1-7 ng/mL



-High Accuracy with Semi-quantitative Results

Accuracy: 97.1%

Semi-quantitative Results:

Lower ovarian reserve: <1 ng/ml

Normal: 1-7 ng/ml

PCOS: >7 ng/ml

-Easy to Use with Simple Operation

-Fast Results in 10 Minutes

AMH play a key role mainly in two distinctive clinical applications:

  1. Fertlity/Infertility Treatment and/ or Pregnancy Planning

Assisted pregnancy attempts including IVF (in-vitro fertilization) has grown in past few decades.

AMH is a proven marker for Ovarian reserve, meaning the no. of eggs over a period of time that maybe available for conception and childbirth.

With females planning late marriages and childbirth, this is very helpful in planning their expected pregnancy period.

  1. PCOS

Very high level of AMH indicate PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). PCOS affect 6-10% of female population worldwide. AMH has come up as a promising biomarker for PCOS with high levels of AMH found in PCOS cases.

Because of the lack of cycle variations in serum levels of AMH, this marker has been proposed to be used as part of the standard diagnostic procedures to assess ovarian dysfunctions.

TZchek AMH Rapid Test offers reliable semi-quantitative results for AMH assisting in infertility

treatment and pregnancy planning.


The TZcheck AMH Rapid Test is not just a product - it is a solution. It represents our commitment to advancing the world of biotechnology and improving the lives of individuals worldwide. We believe in the transformative power of science, and through dedicated research and innovation, we aim to deliver reliable solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Experience the future of testing with TZcheck. It's time to opt for reliable, rapid, and accurate testing solutions. Choose TZcheck AMH Rapid Test today, and take a leap into the future of biotechnology.

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