Tongzhou & 2023 Medlab Asia exhibition successfully concluded

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The 2023 Medlab Asia & Asia Health was successfully concluded, and the Tongzhou Biotech exhibition team had a fruitful trip to Bangkok.

In this exhibition, Tongzhou Biotech exhibited a variety of popular IVD rapid test products to the world, and 300+ customers are interested.

During the exhibition, Tongzhou Biotech booth received many customers from all over the world. The professional skills of the exhibitors have been highly affirmed by customers. Grateful for the fantastic support from everyone who dropped by!

Every overseas exhibition is an opportunity for Tongzhou Biotech to share unlimited business opportunities and broaden horizons. In the future, Tongzhou Biotech will continue to delve into the IVD field, continuously launch high-grade, precision, and advanced products that are more in line with market requirements and industry advancements. We will make every effort to contribute to the development of the medical and health industry.

Looking forward to seeing you next time! 

Post time: 2023-08-19 17:19:30
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