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The Breath Alcohol Test is for the semi-quantitative, rapid detection of alcohol in the exhaled breath. The test is based on a chemical reaction. Alcohol reacts with the crystals in the Test to produce a color change. The color change depends on the amount of alcohol in the breath.

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Tongzhou Biotechnology is excited to introduce our cutting-edge Breath Alcohol Test, a must-have tool for quick, accurate alcohol detection. As a leader in biotechnology products, we've committed our expertise and resources to produce a Quick Test solution that streamlines the process of alcohol testing and yield accurate results. The Breath Alcohol Test is designed to provide a Quick Test, screening for the presence of alcohol in an individual's breath. It's the perfect tool for law enforcement agencies, workplace administrators, or health organizations requiring immediate and trustworthy results. Compact, user-friendly, and efficient, this Quick Test tool is an epitome of our commitment to providing advanced and practical solutions. It offers the ease of use that beginners appreciate, and the accuracy that professionals rely on.

Breath Alcohol Test

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Breath Alcohol Test(With/Without Blow bag)





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-Fast Results in 2 minutes

-Simple Procedure

-High Accuracy

Our Breath Alcohol Test is an advancement in biotechnology, making alcohol detection a swift and straightforward process. It proudly stands as a swift solution in the market, combining precision, speed, and convenience in one compact tool. It's the ideal Quick Test solution for those who demand efficiency and reliability in alcohol testing. With Tongzhou Biotechnology's Breath Alcohol Test, you're not just investing in a device, but in peace of mind and user safety. Trust in our Quick Test Breath Alcohol Test for your alcohol screening needs. It doesn't only meet industry standards; it goes beyond - a true testament to Tongzhou Biotechnology's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Explore the versatility and accuracy of our Breath Alcohol Test today - your quick, reliable solution in alcohol screening.

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