Self Test Product: TZcheck Dust Mite IgE Rapid Assessment Kit

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Tongzhou Biotechnology proudly presents the TZcheck Dust Mite IgE Rapid Test, a top-notch self test product specially designed to manage and monitor potential allergens seamlessly. This user-friendly home test kit enables you to take control of your health by providing accurate, reliable results regarding exposure and sensitization to ubiquitous allergens, particularly dust mites. The environmental allergens, specifically the dust mites, are all around us - from our homes, workspaces to public transportation. It's not exaggerating to say that we are constantly exposed to these allergens. As a result, more and more people are becoming sensitive to these irritants. Therefore, being aware of our exposure to these allergens becomes paramount. Our TZcheck Dust Mite IgE Rapid Test comes into the picture as your dependable home testing solution. It provides quick and accurate results, enabling you to identify allergen exposure before it becomes serious. The kit is designed keeping you, the user, in mind. It is easy to use, and anyone without medical knowledge can handle it, making it the perfect self-test product.

TZcheck Dust Mite IgE Rapid Test

Allergens from dust mites and other indoor allergens are ubiquitous allergens to which peopleare exposed and become sensitised. As a result of dusting, vacuuming, bed-making, or any other activity that causes settled dustto become airbore, the faecal pellets and smaller allergen-bearing particles becometemporarily suspended in the air (the faecal pellets are too large to stay there for very long) and may become inhaled. Those people who are atopic (i.e. are genetically predisposed to develop allergic reactions to common allergens like those derived from pollens, dust mite and animal skin scales) respond to this exposure either by making IgE antibodies, which then bind with immunologically active cells to cause the release of mediators such as histamine, and the development of localized inflammation. The allergic reactions are manifest as symptomatic asthma, eczema, rhinitis and conjunctivitis.


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Dust Mite IgE Rapid Test





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0.35 IU/mL


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Fast results in 10 minutes Easy visually interpretation

Easy visually interpretation

High Accuracy (Relative Sensitivity: 98.2% ; Relative Specificity: 96.8% ; Overall Accuracy: 97.6%)

The kit comes with everything you need to conduct the test at the comfort of your home. It is well-packaged, ensuring that you handle the components safely and hygienically. Accurate instructions guide you step by step for the process. Perhaps the most attractive feature of this self test product is its rapid turnaround time. You don’t have to wait for days or even hours to know the results. The TZcheck Dust Mite IgE Rapid Test gives you a clear result within a short period of time. Invest in your health today by choosing TZcheck Dust Mite IgE Rapid Test as your trusted allergen detection partner. Remember, the first step to managing allergies is identifying the allergens. Make the smart choice to stay informed about your allergen sensitivity with our reliable and efficient self-test product.

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