Swift and Reliable HCV Rapid Test by Tongzhou Biotechnology

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Place of Origin      China
Brand name        TZcheck

Certification        CE

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Introducing the HCV Rapid Test by Tongzhou Biotechnology, the groundbreaking innovation for fertility concerns. The primary cause of female infertility often stems from ovulatory issues, frequently visible via menstrual irregularities. Our HCV Rapid Test aims to offer a quick, reliable, and accurate service to address this pervasive problem, thereby helping millions of women worldwide. Our product, the HCV Rapid Test, is specifically designed to intuitively assess issues related to fertility. Manufactured by Tongzhou Biotechnology, a leader in the biotech sector, we combine our deep industry knowledge with advanced technology to provide a test that's not only quick but extremely accurate. Recognizing the profound implications of fertility issues, our HCV Rapid Test ensures a swift response for early detection, thus allowing our consumers to take necessary action promptly. At Tongzhou Biotechnology, we're not just about providing rapid results. Accuracy is at the heart of our operations. Our HCV Rapid Test is backed by scores of scientific research and rigorous tests to ensure we provide results you can trust. This balance of speed and precision is what sets our HCV Rapid Test apart in the rapidly evolving biotech industry. When it comes to dealing with fertility issues, every second count. That’s why our HCV Rapid Test is designed for fast results, without compromising accuracy. Backed by Tongzhou Biotechnology's legacy of innovation and commitment to quality, the HCV Rapid Test offers a beacon of hope in the trying journey towards understanding and addressing fertility issues.

TZcheck AMH Rapid Test 

The most common cause of female infertility is ovulatory problems which generally manifest themselves by menstrual disorders.

Determination of ovarian reserve is important in the treatment of infertility. AMH is a proven marker for predicting ovarian reserve.

Women, who are 35 years or older who have had unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant for 6 months should undergo testing for ovarian reserve.

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Product Description

AMH Rapid Test





Kit Size

10 T


1-7 ng/mL



Product Advantages:

-High Accuracy with Semi-quantitative Results

Accuracy: 97.1%

Semi-quantitative Results:

Lower ovarian reserve: <1 ng/ml

Normal: 1-7 ng/ml

PCOS: >7 ng/ml

-Easy to Use with Simple Operation

-Fast Results in 10 Minutes

By choosing the HCV Rapid Test, you choose a path towards clarity and control in an otherwise uncertain scenario. Trust the HCV Rapid Test for a swift, reliable response to your fertility concerns. With Tongzhou Biotechnology, you are not alone in your journey. Discover the difference today, Trust the HCV Rapid Test by Tongzhou Biotechnology.

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